Pusteblumen means to blow away the seeds off the head a dandelion. We borrowed this word from German to refer to our site-specific projects platform. We like to think that these projects will inspire new actions!    

Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti- Art exhibition “Arte en Territorio”, 2017.
  Together with other art groups, we participated in the art exhibition entitled “Arte en Territorio”. In order to tell people about what we do, we asked the teachers from the Painting at the Hospital program to tell some of their most inspiring stories. We created a mural with pictures of the paintings that the children had done during the sessions. Visitors could sit in front of the mural and listen to the teachers tell the stories behind those paintings.  

 Hospital Dr. F Muñiz -My Special Corner project.   In 2016, the Muñiz Museum asked us to perform a quarterly activity in the Pediatric Unit, which treats children and teenagers with HIV. Once a week, we delivered an art workshop where we invited children to make paintings that would be used to intervene common areas at the Unit, which was gradually filled with special corners showcasing their creations. All paintings were displayed at the hospital’s pharmacy on December 1st, 2016, the World AIDS Day.

Marie Hartig at the Palliative Care Unit of HNRG In January 2016 artist Marie Hartig visited Buenos Aires and painted the doctor’s office of the Palliative Care Unit at Hospital de Niños R. Gutiérrez. Together with Eulalia Lascar, Marie Hartig decided to paint plants and animals that are indigenous to Argentina.

 Maria Casado Home Gallery (MCHG)- Aida’s Diary Exhibition.   Since 2012, we have been inviting artists to be part of a collective art show at MCHG. A percentage of the money raised is given to Vergel. In 2014, the art show was about the life of Aida, a 17-year-old girl we gave art lessons to during the year of treatment for leukemia. We wanted Aida’s vitality to inspire other artists and that’s why in 2014, the guest artists made art by opening up a dialog with the paintings and drawings Aida had done during her stay at the hospital.