Mision, Vision, Action

We are an NGO which has been working since 2010 to blend art with health and education.   Through art-making activities, we bring relief and well-being to hospitalized patients. By implementing art programs, training and communication actions, we promote art as an important tool to go along with medical treatment for a holistic and humanistic approach to health care.   Our aim is for art making to serve the well-being and health of people.   Art enhances the physical, mental and emotional well-being of the individual. It helps them connect with their feelings, aids in symptom management, expands their cognitive abilities and also serves as a way to communicate with their surroundings.    We wantto contribute to the implementation of art-making activities as a complementary tool that improves the health and the quality of life of those who suffer from chronic diseases and are receiving curative treatment, whether or not they are responding to it.   Our plan is to open up a constructive dialogue between the art discipline and the medical practice so that they can enrich one another.  


· To give hospitalized patients access to art as a way to improve their quality of life.   ·       
To highlight the importance of art making as a complementary tool for medical treatment.
To train artists so they can facilitate art-making activities in a hospital environment.
To provide a platform to develop art projects in a hospital context.

OUR HISTORY...   Vergel is born out of a series of questions: What is art for? When in pain, can art help in any way? What is the role of the artist in society?...   The first steps to start Vergel were given by our general coordinator Catalina León. She is a visual artist who in 2006, started as a volunteer at the Hospice San Camilo caring for adults in their final stages of life. In 2008, Catalina became a member of the palliative care team at Hospital de Niños Dr. R. Gutiérrez de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (HNRG). More artists have joined since 2010, and that is how Painting at the Hospital - our main program today - came about. We made it possible for hospitalized children and teenagers to turn their time at the hospital into an encounter with art. The initiative was so well-received by the children, their parents and the hospital community at large that this pushed us to keep on growing. In 2012, we decided to set up a civil association to reach more people and launch new programs aimed for children and adults.   In its early days, Vergel received the support of multiple stakeholders like artists Florencia Rodríguez Giles and Verónica Gómez; Guadalupe Chirotarrab and Margarita Hollmann in project management; and the overall supervision of palliative psychologist Eugenia Rodriguez Goñi and artist and education expert Ines Raiteri. Each one of them played an essential part in the process. Also of vital importance was the trust and support we received from Hospital de Niños Dr. R. Gutiérrez palliative care team , led by Dr. Eulalia Lascar.     

OUR APPROACHIt is inspired in palliative medicine, whichprovides general care to patients who suffer from life-limiting chronic diseases and diseases which do not respond to curative treatment. Through a holistic approach which takes into account the patients’ physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs, Palliative Care seeks to ease their pain and improve their quality of life. In this sense, we understand that art is a fundamental tool: it helps patients to express themselves, to enjoy the present and to keep their creative processes flowing. At Vergel, we believe that even if not everybody is an artist, we all have the ability to learn and engage in art making activities. Through art, we can rediscover everyday things and be surprised by our own capabilities.