How can you help?

As our Friend.
US$ 15 per month. This donation will fund an art class a month for a hospitalized child.
US$ 60 per month. This donation will allow a child to take an art class once a week during the whole month.

As our Sponsor.
US$ 120 or more per month. Through this donation, you will support the Painting in the Hospital Program and contribute to our training and replicability actions to make it possible for art to reach more hospitals and benefit more patients! From Vergel, we will keep you informed of our actions.


Donations from abroad through HelpArgentina
If you live outside Argentina, you can make your donation through HelpArgentina, an NGO dedicated to facilitating the management of international donations to non-profit institutions in Argentina.
Portal for Investment in the Latin American Social Sector is registered in New York as a nonprofit under article 501(c.3) of the U.S. tax code (EIN 550790450) - making donations made by US taxpayers tax deductible. HelpArgentina is PILAS Argentina chapter. To donate from abroad through HelpArgentina, you must create or login with your user account. You can make your donations securely by credit card, bank transfer, checks, PayPal, and other methods


Donations through deposits or transfers to our bank account.
Current Account - Banco Ciudad. CUIT: 30-71440901-4
Account number: 4308/9. CBU: 02900070 00000000430896

You can also help us by sharing out Project through social networks.